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Brandenburg Drainage Inc. subcontracts for pipeline companies to install and repair drain tile that are damaged as new pipeline is installed. When laying drain tile across pipeline trenches, we use sandbags and a steel culvert to keep the tile from bowing while the dirt settles. We also install an average of 250,000 feet of drain tile and take care of any repairs needed locally.


We have a large selection of equipment, so no job is too big or too small. This includes:

+  Buckeye 9200 Wheel Trencher (on tracks)

+  Buckeye 7200 Wheel Trencher (rubber tires)

+  John Deere 750C Dozer

+  Caterpillar D5G Dozer

+  John Deere 850C LT Dozer

+  Hitachi ZX 160 Excavator

+  John Deere 200 CLC Excavator

+  John Deere 50D Mini Excavator

+  Catapillar 330 Excavator

+  Catapillar 329 Excavator

+  Hitachi ZX200 Excavator

+  Case 580SL Backhoe

New Line Trenching


Brandenburg Drainage Inc. can do New Line Trenching using a Buckeye 9200 Wheel Trencher on tracks


This trencher can dig as deep as 7' and a make a trench up to 38" wide.

We can dig an average of 4,000 feet a day


We do New Line Trenching for pipelines, and also trench in cable lines.

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